Welcome to the Starting Point in Your Child's Dental Health

We believe in a world where everyone has a beautiful and bright smile. It improves self confidence, and maintains a positive image. A glowing smile is a result of a lifetime of healthy dental practices, which begins in childhood. Dr. Miniman and his staff makes it a top priority to educate children how to care for their teeth starting with the very first appointment, with reinforcement along the way, so that their positive habits will carry through their entire lives. A Pediatric Dentist has advanced education past the four years of dental school which sets them aside from a general dentist. With this advanced training a specialist is able to detect early growth and development problems as well as affording dentistry that is geared specifically for the child and adolscent patient. We believe that this will lead to a better dental future for all of our patients.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 610-565-7850. 

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